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Alice - Reviewers' Favoured Album

Tom Waits - Bad As Me
Bad As Me, released 24th October 2011, is the first new studio album of all new Tom Waits music since 2004.

Tom Waits - Glitter and Doom Live
Glitter and Doom Live is a two disc collection of the best tracks from Tom Waits' Glitter and Doom tour of the US and Europe in the summer of 2008. Disc Two is a bonus compendium called Tom Tales, which is a selection of the comic musings and unusual facts that Tom shares with his audience.

Tom Waits - Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers And Bastards
    Tom Waits released a 3 CD set entitled Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers And Bastards on the 20th November 2006.
Orphans is a collection of 54 songs of dubious origin rescued from cruel fate and now left wanting only to be cared for. The collection includes 30 new recordings, offering over three hours of rare and never-before heard music. The CD's come with a 94 page booklet.
The Brawlers CD is full of raucous blues and full-throated juke joint stomp, Bawlers contains Celtic and country ballads, waltzes, lullabies, piano and classic lyrical Waits’ songs and Bastards is filled with experimental music and strange tales.

Orphans Tour
    Tom Waits completes a nine date tour of the US (Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio) in preparation for his forthcoming album Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers And Bastards.

Tom Waits - Real Gone
    Tom Waits new studio album Real Gone boasting sixteen new tracks was released on 4th October 2004.
Real Gone is written and produced by the Tom Waits/Kathleen Brennan partnership and features Marc Ribot on guitar, Larry Taylor & Les Claypool on bass and Brain Mantia & Casey Waits on drums and percussion.
    Tom's record label Anti descibes the album as 'featuring primal blues, Jamaican rock-steady grooves, African and Latin rhythms and melodies and what Waits calls "cubist funk"'.

Real Gone Tour
    Concert dates have been announced for Tom's eight date European tour to promote his new album Real Gone. The tour includes dates in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and England.
The touring band consists of Marc Ribot on guitar, Larry Taylor on bass and Brain Mantia on drums.
All 3,400 Tickets for the London show sold out in just half an hour so one has to be quick off the mark.

Daniel Johnston
    Tom has recorded the song King Kong for the compilation album The Late Great Daniel Johnston - Discovered Uncovered (released 20th September 2004).

Future Soundtrack For America
    Tom's new song Day After Tomorrow taken from his forthcoming album Real Gone appears on Future Soundtrack For America (released 17th August 2004).

Coffee And Cigerettes
    Tom appears on the intrumental track Saw Sage which is contained on the soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch's movie Coffee And Cigerettes (released 21st June 2004). Saw Sage is taken from C-SIDE's album Moanin' Parade.

Shrek 2
    Tom Waits has re-recorded his song A Little Drop Of Poison for inclusion onto the soundtrack of Shrek 2 (released 24th May 2004). The song originally appeared on the soundtrack for The End Of Violence in 1997.

Los Lobos
    Tom Waits features on the track Kitate from the Los Lobos album The Ride (released 10th May 2004).

Diana Krall
    The laid back jazzy Diana Krall performs Temptation on her album The Girl In The Other Room (released 12th April 2004). Tom's version of his song is to be found on the album Franks Wild Years.

Norah Jones
    The soothing vocals of Norah Jones perform Long Way Home on her album Feels Like Home (released February 2004). Tom's version of his song Long Way Home is to be found on the soundtrack of Big Bad Love.

One From The Heart
    Tom Waits soundtrack to Francis Coppola's 1982 film One From The Heart has been remixed and remastered with two bonus tracks Candy Apple Red and Once Upon A Town/Empty Pockets. Released January 2004.

The Blind Boys Of Alabama
    Tom Waits helps The Blind Boys Of Alabama on the title track of the gospel singers Yuletide album Go Tell It On The Mountain. Released November 2003

A Tribute to the Ramones
    Tom Waits covers the Ramones song Return of Jackie & Judy on the Ramones tribute album We're a Happy Family - A Tribute to the Ramones. Released February 2003.

Bend Down The Branches
    For the first time Waits song Bend Down The Branches from his soundtrack to the animated film Bunny appears on CD. The album is called For The Kids and is a compilation album containing various artists performing songs...for the kids.
If you rush out and purchase the computer animated film Ice Age on DVD you will discover that it includes the seven minute computer animated film Bunny.

Foreign Affairs
    After hearing Kommienezuspadt from Alice have you ever had the urge to hear Waits sung in German? If so then Ambros Wolfgang is your man. In 2000 he recorded an album of twelve Waits songs entitled Ambros Singt Waits.
If Dutch is more your cup of tea then listen to In De Orangerie Live for Acda En De Munnik's version of Ol' `55.

Shiver Me Timbers
    Tom Waits song Shiver Me Timbers from his 1974 album The Heart Of Saturday Night (an earlier verson can be heard on The Early Years Vol. 2) has seen a few interpretations through the years.
Bette Milder on her albums Songs For The New Depression, Live At Last, Divine Madness and Experience The Divine.
Canadian singer Holly Cole on her album of Waits music Temptation. The British celtic folk group House Band on Rockall. Cabaret singer John Depalma on The Song Is Mine. Folk singer Glenn Yarbrough on I Could Have Been A Sailor and Live At The Troubadour then joined by the Shaw Brothers for a rendition on Day The Tall Ships Came.

Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up On Me
    Soulman Solomon Burke covers Tom Waits song Diamond In Your Mind on his new album Don't Give Up On Me released on 22nd July 2002. Waits originally wrote the song for Robert Wilson's play Woyzeck.

Alice and Blood Money
    Two new Tom Waits albums, Alice and Blood Money were unleashed into the world on May 7th 2002.
Alice is based upon Robert Wilson's avant-garde opera of the same name for which Waits originally furnished with music in 1992. Alice is based loosely on author Lewis Carroll's obsession with young Alice Liddell, the girl who inspired his Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass novels.
Blood Money is based upon Robert Wilson's socio-political play Woyzeck for which Waits supplied the music in 2000. Woyzeck is inspired by a true story of a German soldier who was driven mad by bizarre army medical experiments and infidelity which led him to murder his lover.

    In 1998 Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan wrote and produced the soundtrack for a short computer animated film called Bunny. This seven and a half minute animation concerns a geriatric lagomorph having a spot of bother with a lepidoptera.
Writer and director Chris Wedge and Blue Sky Studios have released a new hardcover book based on the film. Included with the book is a DVD of the award winning short film.

Alice and Another Man's Vine MP3's
    Epitaph and Anti have posted two new Tom Waits songs from his forthcoming albums as full length MP3's.
The two songs to download here are Alice from the album Alice and Another Man's Vine from Blood Money.

Big Bad Love
    Two new Waits songs, Long Way Home and Jayne's Blue Wish appear on the soundtrack of the film Big Bad Love due to be unleashed on the 19th February 2002 to coincide with the release of the film.

Alice And Blood Money
    Tom Waits has released the artwork and track listings for both his forthcoming albums Alice and Blood Money which will be simultaneously released on the 7th May 2002.

Dime Store Novels Volume 1
    On the 19th November 2001 a live Tom Waits performance is released as the album Dime Store Novels Volume 1. This limited edition offering was recorded at Ebbets Field, Denver, USA on the 8th October 1974.

    Tom Waits wrote and performed the song The World Keeps Turning for Ed Harris's biopic Pollock about the artist Jackson Pollock. The soundtrack was released in February 2001.

Moanin' Parade/Swarm Warnings
    Tom Waits can be found doing his thing with C-Side and Petit Mal on the two albums from 2000, Moanin' Parade and Swarm Warnings.

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